Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dastan has done quite a few little milestones in the past two weeks, so most of the pictures are of him. At some point I am going to try to focus a week on Triston and one on Keegan.

4/16/11- Today we went to a friend's house and did an Easter egg/beer hunt. The egg's were for the kids and they had a blast finding them, Then while they were going through their candy and playing, the wives (including me) hid six beers for our men. The catch, they find a beer and have to stand where they found it and drink it before they can move onto the next one. We were nice and hid them in semi-easy spots since it was raining. Ian came in 2nd place with finding and drinking his in just under 50 min. The winner found and drank his in 10 min...Crazy!! All in all it was a fun day for everyone! Oh and we had to decorate the beers in very girlie/Easter decorations...these were Ian's.

4/15/11- HARRY POTTER!! We got the 7th Harry Potter movie today and when Triston got home we all watched it. Dastan sat on the couch and watched me instead of the movie, and I pretty much watched him instead as well.
4/14/11- I did a photo shoot for my friend Anna today. Her boy's were great and so cute, I had so much fun and I got some great shots. This was the first photo shoot I did of someone other than my kids and I still have a lot to learn. I am just using my point and shoot camera until I can afford a DSLR, but it works great!

4/13/11- I needed a picture of all three of my boys (still getting use to the fact that I am a mom of 3) for a project I am doing. Oh how I love these little men!

4/12/11- Dastan found his hand today!!

4/11/11- Sometimes you have to do it yourself even if it means getting it wrong (the shorts).

4/10/11- Keegan's first time taking a shower...he has always been scared and still was so he wanted to take one in our shower.

4/9/11- Check out the price of gas. When I got my first car, gas was three dollar's less per gallon then it is now...CRAZY!!!

4/8/11- Dastan has not been eating very much so we decided to try to give him some rice cereal. He did pretty well with it. I love the face he is making in this picture, it reminds me of Mr. Magoo.

4/7/11- Dastan FINALLY likes baths. He was kicking and splashing in the water, and smiling while he was doing so. It's so fun to watch him have fun.

4/6/11- A rock pile Triston and Keegan have built...they like taking their matchbox cars off-roading.

4/5/11- I went shopping for myself today (that hardly ever happens). I needed some post pregnancy clothes and I found some cute stuff at Target.

4/4/11- Keegan found Aslan today!!! She had been gone a total of 17 day's, at least one of those she was 60 feet up a tree. I can only imagine the adventure she has had, She is very skinny, but happy to be home! We are happy to have her home as well. (This picture was taken after she had a bath, which is why she looks wet)

4/3/11- We decided to give Dastan a bath in the sink today...he only cried while daddy was washing his face and hair. I think he liked soaking in the water.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.

Monday, April 4, 2011

3/27/11 - 4/2/11

It's been a crazy, fun week. Tonight (4-4-11) Keegan found our cat, Aslan. She had been gone for 17 days and, aside from being really skinny, she seems to be okay. This is of course a PL picture that will be on here next week. Now onto this weeks pictures...

4/2/11- The boy's playing together. The older ones got ALL of Dastan's toys and were trying to get him to play with them. At one point he was completely surrounded by his toy's.

4/1/11- For April Fool's Day I froze the kids cereal and then put a little bit on top so when they went to eat it, they couldn't get their spoon's in all the way. It took them awhile to figure it out. 3/31/11- I took Keegan to gymnastics open gym today. He had a blast and really wore me out by going all over the gym.
3/31/11- Keegan making a "2 double pizza" for Dastan and I. It was "gurd!"
3/29/11- My little helper doesn't like to do laundry, but then again, neither do I.
3/28/11- I signed Keegan up for Kindergarten today. How can he already be in Kindergarten?!?!
3/27/11- We got Dastan a snugli, so I can do some things around the house. Guess what. He doesn't like it...go figure.

Have a great week!