Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/16/11 - 1/22/11

1/22/11- Getting things ready for the little one to get here. He'll be here before we know it!
1/21/11- Keegan had pajama day at school today! He thought is was really fun that he didn't have to get dressed when everyone else did.
1/20/11- Triston brought a rubber lizard home from school and said it would stick to the ceiling. He threw it up there to show us and sure enough it stuck. It drove the cats CRAZY, they were all trying really hard to get it. It was pretty fun to watch. On a side note, the lizard stayed up there for 3 days until Ian finally jumped up and got it down.
1/19/11- I love looking at the moon. It was so bright tonight that I noticed it through the blinds. Ian took this picture and I think it is a great shot!
1/18/11- We got a bit of a freeze last night. The kids of course had no school and Ian had to wait until the sun came out a bit so he could get in the car.
1/17/11- The craving's are here! I got a bad craving for my Grandma's ground up minced ham. It was almost as good as hers. I know it looks gross, but it tastes so good!
1/16/11- I had my baby shower today. My friend Kristie did a wonderful job hosting, and I had a great time being with great friends!!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

1/9/11 - 1/15/11

1/15/11- I am trying to get the Valentine's stuff taken care of since I might be having a little one around that time. The boy's are going to make their own this year.
1/14/11- Triston LOVES playing his DS but he doesn't get to play it on school nights. He was really glad it's a Friday.
1/13/11- Clean kitchen floors!
1/12/11- The kids had a snow day today but since there was barely any snow they were stuck inside. They spent most of the day building things out of Magforms.
1/11/11- Today at 11:11 we were catching snowflakes.
1/10/11- Aslan looking at the birds outside.
1/9/11 - I went out with Kristie today and her husband told us we could get pedicures. We sure weren't going to say no!

Have a great week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

1/1/11 - 1/8/11

1/8/11- We got a little snow today but it was all gone by noon :(
1/7/11- Our little trickster, growing great.
1/6/11- Our friend Kristie got the boy's Magforms. They LOVE them. Triston couldn't wait to play with them when he got home!
1/5/11- There was a snow day for the day Keegan's class was suppose to do their Christmas play, so they did it today. Keegan played Joseph (this is them waiting for the play to start).
1/4/11- This is what we saw this morning when we looked out the door. So beautiful.
1/3/11- The big white box!! Project Life for 2011, although I have been working on my own real life project life.
1/2/11- Some of my facebook status' from 2010.
1/1/11- It's a new year and to celebrate we relaxed. The kids decided to make some robots out of LEGO's because Triston was trying to "invent something."

Have a great week!!