Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week Four 1/17/10 - 1/23/10

1/23/10- This is my speciality, Meatballs. I don't make them very often but we had friends over and they feed lots of people. They are one of my favorite meals.
1/22/10- We got a Zhu Zhu Pet for our cats to play with and they were pretty entertained with it. Bear (not pictured) kept picking it up which makes it so it won't go anymore.
1/21/10- I was sick today so I was laying on the couch. Keegan kept himself entertained and told me to "Get some seep." I didn't sleep but I did rest, when I got up to make him lunch he asked "Did you have a nice seep Mommy?" So cute!
1/20/10- We had some friends over today. Keegan and his friend had a lot of fun playing together with their potato heads.
1/19/10- I was in need of chocolate today and we didn't really have any around the house so we improvised. We used graham crackers and chocolate frosting. Keegan loved getting to help make them but not as much as he loved eating them!
1/18/10- For their afternoon snack today the kids wanted to have crackers and easy cheese. They love making art with the cheese. This time Triston made a smiley face and Keegan made a mountain.
1/17/10- On Sunday the kids picked a movie to watch, they actually agreed that they wanted to watch Monsters Inc.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week Three 1/10/10-1/16/10

1/16/10: We have some lazy cats, all three of them (seen here) sleep 23 of the 24 hours in a day. I was really surprised that they were all sleeping on the same couch. Oh and FYI, Bear, the grey one weighs 20 lbs. He's on a diet and he is not liking it one bit.

1/15/10: Keegan got this cool Sponge-Bob Play-doh kit for Christmas (he loves play-doh). He spent a good deal of time trying out the different looks he could do. He also took all of these pictures which I think is pretty good for a 4 yr. old.
1/14/10: As I was cleaning the table so that Keegan could play Play-doh, he put his hands down on the table where it was still wet. When he lifted them up he looked at me and said "Look mommy paw prints!"

1/13/10: One of our favorite shows to watch after the kids are in bed is Leverage. This was the season premiere and we couldn't wait to watch it. Needless to say it lived up to our expectations!

1/12/10: This is Triston walking home from the bus stop after school. It is part of our everyday routine, although I think he was shocked to see me at the door with my camera.

1/11/10: Today we received our Netbook that we got for free through Verizon. It is so nice to not have to freeze in the basement while being on the Internet!
1/10/10: My friend Lindsay kid-napped me and made me go shopping with her. Apparently I needed a break from my kids. It was a nice girls day out!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week Two 1/3/10 - 1/9/10

1/9/10: The kids made this awesome tent to sleep in. Unfortunately they wouldn't stay in the tent after I took this picture, so the tent got ruined. We fixed it several times but in the end they just slept in their beds.

1/8/10: Apparently this is enough snow to close Triston's school for the day. The funny thing is the snow was all melted by the afternoon.

1/7/10: Yes I have a picture of a doorknob, but this doorknob comes with quite a story. Keegan came downstairs to tell me he couldn't get into his bedroom. I asked him why and he said "Aslan jumped up and locked the door." The lock is on the inside and we don't have any key's plus Aslan was in his room. This turned into quite a problem. I ended up taking the doorknob off to get it unlocked. I have since switched the doorknobs around so they can no longer be locked from the inside.

1/6/10: After waiting slightly impatiently for a month and a half, my Project Life kit finally came. I was super excited when the fed-ex truck pulled up. I couldn't wait to get started on this! P.S. I know I totally scraplifted this picture idea straight from Becky Higgin's. It was just to cute not to do.

1/5/10: Aslan has claimed this as her window. She is sitting here almost every time we go downstairs. I have yet to see either of the other two cat's in her spot.

1/4/10: Mommy and Keegan going on some errands. Just some of the things we do together while Triston's at school and Daddy's at work.

1/3/10: Yes we are big dorks. We get together and play Dungeon's and Dragon's with our friends once every couple of weeks. The kids love getting to spend this time playing together. I know it's dorky but it's fun!

Week One 12/27/09 - 1/2/10

1/2/10: One the things Triston really wanted for his birthday was Sponge-Bob Operation. He was so excited when he got it and we play it often as a family. Keegan is only happy if he is winning though!

1/1/10: Every year we watch my favorite parade, "The Tournament of Roses." This year was no exception. My favorite float as well as the kids was the snow boarding bulldog's, They were having so much fun.

12/31/09: A "Blue Moon" on New Year's Eve. The last time this happened on this particular day was nineteen years ago in 1990!

12/30/09: One of the best cheap ($1) toy's ever s Flarp. It comes in six colors and we have them all. It makes sounds when you push your finger's in it, which of course my boy's love. They play with it for hours at a time. It really is one of the best toy's out there!

12/29/09: Triston got the 3 in 1 LEGO Dinosaur kit for Christmas 09. It is super cool, the eye's light up and it's tail moves. We are putting together the T-Rex.

12/28/09: Keegan drew a snowman and I wrote his name and age by it. After watching me do this he decided to write it himself. I then had him read what he had wrote down and he said

12/27/09: This is a few of my facebook statuses from 2009. I love how I get to look back at little snippets of our life last year.