Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/5/11 - 6/18/11

6/18/11- Our friends moved away today. It's always hard when that happens but at least it is easy to keep in touch.

6/17/11- Today was Triston's last day of 3rd grade. He did his hair himself although at first it was spikes AND a mohawk.

6/16/11- I really love that my kids like bugs (since I don't at all). Triston picked up this praying mantis and thought it was pretty cool.

6/15/11 - Poor Keegan is such a klutz. He has a hard time healing because just as one starts to heal, he gets another one in the same spot.

6/14/11- Dastan tried potatoes and carrots today. He didn't really seem to like either.

6/13/11 - Trison had an award ceremony at school today. He received the language arts award. So proud of him.

6/12/11- Triston decided he wanted to rearrange his room today. I like how it turned out.

6/11/11 - Playing in the rain.

6/10/11 - Dastan's first encounter with a turtle. He seemed more interested in his foot then the turtle though.

6/9/11 - Another owie for Keegan. We need to buy stock in band-aids.

6/8/11 - Dastan's first time in the pool, and he liked it after the initial shock of the cold water. Keegan had a lot of fun swimming as well. He is really beginning to like the water.

6/7/11 - Bear is so fat that his head takes up the whole bowl.

6/6/11 - Keegan didn't feel well this morning. After a few hours of lying on the couch watching cartoons though, he was all better.

6/5/11- Dastan LOVES to kick and splash in the tub. He has to have a bath every night or he won't go to sleep.

Hope you have a great week.

P.S. I look at most of the regular Project Life blogs every week but for some reason it won't let me comment anymore. I try to every week, hopefully this week it will let me. I have really enjoyed looking at your pictures each week though.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Four months old

Four months has gone by so fast and you have grown and changed so much in that little amount of time. Here are some of the things you have been up too.

1) You still don't like tummy time, but you have gotten better at holding up your head.
2) You are a very happy baby, you only cry when you are hungry or tired.

3) You like to sit in your jumpy seat and look at the things around you, even though your feet don't reach the ground yet.

4) You like to be the center of attention.

5) You take your naps on the couch and I think it's because you like to know someone is there by you.

6) You love to play with you brothers.

7) You rub your eyes when you are sleepy.

8) You LOVE to splash in the tub.

9) You are very skiddish, you jump at everything.

10) You slept through the night for the first time on my birthday, it was a GREAT present.

11) You are pretty helpful around the house.

12) You have only rolled over from your tummy to your back 3 times. Daddy says it's because you are so roley poly, you're to poly to roley!

13) You like to try and put your hand and your plug into your mouth at the same time. It doesn't work.

14) You are fascinated with your mobile and fans, you love to watch them.

15) You like to grab whatever is in your reach; toy's, daddies glasses, clothes etc.

16) You like to suck on your fingers/ fist.

17) You drool ALL. THE. TIME. You wear a bib most of the day because of this.

18) You like to chew on your bib.

19) You ball your fists up when you eat.

20) You take 10-15 min power naps during the day. That's just enough time for mommy to get started doing something. I have so many unfinished tasks.

21) You wear size 3-9 month clothes, you are so big.

22) You have tried potatoes & carrot's and you didn't seem to like either. The potatoes at least made it into your tummy.

23) You squeak, squeal, coo and giggle A LOT!

24) You went swimming once and after you got use to the initial shock of the cold water, you really liked it.

25) You really like to launch your plug, and every time it hits the coffee table and goes under the couch where we have to go and hunt for it. And you laugh.

26) You like to sit in your bumbo seat.

27) Your thighs are HUGE!

28) You make some really cute faces.

29) You are so much fun!
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5/22/11 - 6/4/11

I really can't believe it's June already!! So far this year has been full of joy, heartache and everything in between and I am so glad I have been able to have it all documented. The BIG things and the little things, the everyday and the extraordinary, the things that make a life.

I love taking pictures of my kids so that family that is not near can watch them grow. I love that I can scrapbook things like our TV or a soda can, and know that 20 years from now we will be able to look back on those things and see how much they have changed. I love that someday my grand kids will be able to look at this book and see what life was like for us, something I would love to have from when my grandmother was my age.

I want to thank Becky Higgins for giving me the opportunity to document life in such a simple and effective way, that I still have the time to actually live it.

6/4/11- We have been slowly spring cleaning over the past couple weeks. Today we tackled our bathroom. It's so nice having everything cleaned and organized. Sometimes, something so simple can make you feel so good.

6/3/11- The big boys helping clean the kitchen floor. Keegan turned cleaning into a slip n slide game to make it more fun.

6/2/11- Dastan wearing his new "babylegs." They are leg warmers for babies and they are great. They even fit over his chubby thighs!

6/1/11- Keegan has really been into helping lately. Today he wanted to change Dastan's diaper all by himself. I had to tell him that he was about to put it on backwards, but other than that he did a good job.

5/31/11- I was able to meet 3 more mommies from my group today. It was a lot of fun getting to meet them and see their baby boy's. I love my "march mommies."

5/30/11- Carpet shampooing time. They look so much nicer now.

5/29/11- Ian found a turtle in our backyard today and brought him in for a visit. Aslan was very curious as to who our new little friend was.

5/28/11- My kids were so naughty that today that they had to go in the stockade. Actually we spent the day at Colonial Williamsburg. It was a lot of fun getting to see how people lived over 200 years ago.

5/27/11- Triston had a bad earache last night and on into the day. So he spent the day cuddled on the couch or cuddled next to me.

5/26/11- Tummy time. Dastan is getting better at tummy time everyday, he rolled over for the first time yesterday (tummy to back). Check out that tongue, he loves sticking it out.

5/25/11- Dastan always holds his hands like this while he is eating. He also wiggles his toes while he eats.

5/24/11- Keegan really likes to make lunch for everyone. Today he made fruit, and it was very tasty!

5/23/11- Apparently he gets to decide what we will be watching today.

5/22/11- WWWHHHAAATTT??? It looks like he's a bit shocked, doesn't it? I laugh every time I see this picture.

Have a great week!

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