Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week five is on the blog

Here is my layout for week five.  I kept it simple this week using just the Jade kit and the calendar cards I have been using each week.  I use the Becky Higgins templates, sticking mostly with design A.  I hope you enjoy another peek in our daily lives.

See you next week...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So two years later.....

As you can guess A LOT has changed in two years.  The biggest change for us is that we bought our first house in December 2013.  We are finally settled in and we are really enjoying our own home.  Now if only we could decide on a paint color... 

I am doing Project Life again this year and I am going digital for the first time.  I love that I can get all my scrapbooking done on my computer and that the end result will be a much smaller (and easier to handle) book that I plan on making a copy of for each one of my kiddos to take with them. 

Since this is my first post in quite awhile I am going to post my 2014 pages so far, starting with the title page.

Our title page. 

Week one left side.

Week one right side.

Week two left side.

Week two right side.

Week three left side.

Week three right side.

Week four left side.

Week four right side.
Okay we are all caught up.  See you next week.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

It's 2012! When did that happen?

I know I haven't posted in a little while (okay a long while), but I got super busy towards the end of the year. I am happy to report that I did finish my Project Life album, although I still need to catch up on some journaling. This year I am doing a more laid back weekly version of PL, as well as taking on some other projects to build my photography skills! I am also loving instagram for taking pictures, so I think I will be putting some of those in my PL album as well! Hopefully I can post more often and I will post some pics in my next post! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

8/21/11 - 9/3/11

Well it has been quite awhile since I posted. Our computer crashed and I lost about 2 months worth of pictures. I now back up all my pictures BEFORE I delete them from my camera. Major lesson learned. I was able to save all but about a weeks worth of PL pictures, so I had to re-take just a few. Anyway, blogger won't let me post more than twenty pictures at a time (what's up with that?) so to get caught up you need to scroll down through four (yes 4) posts. Enjoy!

9/3/11- HUSKER game day. The first game of the season and the first game as part of the BIG 10. GO BIG RED!!!

9/2/11- Our netbook crashed and now we have been having problems with our desktop. So we rebooted it back to it's original state. It's much faster now.

9/1/11- Back to school time. I love getting all the back to school supplies and then taking pictures of them while they are all shiny and new. I know I'm weird but I can't be the only one who does this.

8/31/11- Little man fell asleep on his side and because his thighs are so fat, his feet don't touch the ground.

8/30/11- Dastan likes to stick his tongue out while I feed him, it tends to take a bit longer this way.

8/29/11- Keegan finally wanted to ride his bike this summer. He did pretty good too, he just kept forgetting to pedal.

8/28/11- While we waited for Irene to hit yesterday, I scrapbooked. I was able to get Dastan's 2nd month done. It's not completely finished in this picture, but you get the idea.

8/27/11- We are in the path of Hurricane Irene. It is suppose to get bad over night but so far it has just been rain and a little wind.

8/26/11- Water...check, canned food...check, new flashlight's because the kids liked to play with our old ones and burned out the bulbs...check, two very freaked out kids from watching the news about the Hurricane...double check. This will be interesting.

8/25/11- I got a new part time job at Jo-Ann's. I started on the 21st and so far I really like it. I work with some really fun people, and it's a pretty fast paced job so the time goes by fairly quickly.

8/24/11- The older boys had to get the flu mist today. Triston did great, but Keegan wasn't so sure about it...he did good though.

8/23/11- At 1:51pm today we had a 5.9 earthquake. I have never been through an earthquake and at first I wasn't sure what it was. I was taking pictures of Dastan when it started and after about 3 seconds (it seemed like a lot longer) I picked him up, the older two were by my side and I told them to get to a doorway. Dastan and I went to the door leading into the kitchen and Triston went to the back door, that leads no where. By the time I could tell him to get to the other doorway by me the quake was over. It was an experience I will never forget.

8/22/11- Ian making one of our favorite meals, cheeseburgers.

8/21/11- Dastan is 6 months old already. I can't believe how fast this time is going by. He is such a joy to have and is always smiling.
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8/14/11 - 8/20/11

8/20/11- Eating popsicle's from the ice-cream truck, such a simple joy!

8/19/11- Daddy and the boys playing frisbee. The boys need to practice catching and aiming.

8/18/11- The big boys helping make play-dough. We made 3 batches so we could experiment with color.

8/17/11- Triston reading Dastan's books to him.

8/16/11- Dastan likes to pose for the camera, I think he looks quite a bit like me when I was a baby in this picture.

8/15/11- I cleaned the kitchen and rearranged the counters today, this way we have more usable counter space.

8/14/11- I made some sight word flash cards for Keegan today. I "laminated" them (used clear contact paper) so that they will be sturdy enough for him and Dastan to use.
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7/31/11 - 8/13/11

8/13/11- I re-arranged Keegan’s room today. He really likes how different it is. Aslan wasn't so sure about it though, she kept walking around and meowing.

8/12/11- Dastan sleeps in so many different positions, at least this one looks comfy.

8/11/11- Aslan sitting atop her throne ruling over everyone else.

8/10/11- Keegan made a mask for himself today. Our kids are so creative.

8/9/11- Dastan’s hair is finally long enough for a Mohawk. He looks so cute!

8/8/11- I took Triston and Keegan shoe shopping today and it was horrible. They were not listening at all so we left the store without any new shoes. I will be ordering them online, instead.

8/7/11- Keegan went shopping with me today and he decided he wanted to push the cart. By the end of the day “his feet were tired.”

8/6/11- Dastan watching his toy make music in his jump-a-roo.

8/5/11- I am going through all of Triston and Keegan’s artwork and taking pictures of it. This is Triston’s from pre-school to second grade.

8/4/11- Dastan playing peek-a-boo with his taggie blanket.

8/3/11- This is how much formula Dastan goes through in a month.

8/2/11- Teen nick is bringing back some favorite shows from the 90’s. How cool is it that our kids get to watch some of our favorite shows when we were younger.

8/1/11- I am lovin Dastan’s bald spot.

7/31/11- I saw on an etsy site that someone makes these “i love you because” signs and puts them in a glass picture frame. Once they are in the frame you can use a dry erase pen to write little notes to your kids. Well I loved this idea and since we are trying to save money I decided to make them myself. It took a bit of work to get them just right, and I still need to get the frames, but I love how they turned out. I made two for each of the boys one to be put in their room, and then the other ones I will hang on a wall in the family room so that they will always be able to see them. I plan on keeping a pen close by each frame so we can change the notes often. I used the older kids favorite colors for theirs (brown for Triston and green for Keegan) and I used my new favorite color (turquoise) for Dastan.
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7/24/11 - 7/30/11

7/30/11- Dastan seems to think he can suck on his plug backwards. He tries for a bit and then gets frustrated when it doesn't work.

7/29/11- Triston and Keegan doing their summer homework. Keegan usually asks if he can do his homework, and Triston usually complains when I tell him to do his.

7/28/11- I was trying to get a shot of the boys’ feet but some little man wasn’t cooperating. Dastan kept putting his feet on top of his brothers just as I was about to take the picture. I think I need to wait for Ian to help me on this one.

7/27/11- Dastan playing peek-a-boo with his burp rag. He really likes to cover his face up with a cloth, wait for you to say “Where’s Dastan?” and then when you pull it off, he giggles.

7/26/11- I think Dastan might be teething, he is always putting these rings in his mouth and gumming on them. They are one of his favorite things to grab a hold of and play with.

7/25/11- Dastan’s finished taggie blanket, its super soft. He loves it. So far he likes to grab onto the tags and put them in his mouth.

7/24/11- I am making a taggie blanket for Dastan. It took me FOREVER to get the sewing machine to work (I couldn’t get the bobbin in right). Ian had the magic touch though, and was able to get it to work.
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