Monday, March 29, 2010

Week Thirteen 3/21-3/27

3/27/10- I love my husband so much! I wasn't feeling well today so Ian drew me up a VERY relaxing rose petal bath. Just what I needed!
3/26/10- Triston was on "green" all week this week so he got a surprise. He had to call Mimi to tell her.
3/25/10- My boy's out for a walk in the nice spring weather!
3/24/10- Koda watching Ian fix Dublin's stuffed dog.
3/23/10- Triston got the flu, he was up most of the night and stayed home from school on Wednesday.
3/22/10- This is what happens when your new dog gets a hold of your power cord for your netbook. 3/21/10-Dublin decided that he was going to help out around the house, his chore was sweeping!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weeks Eleven and Twelve 3/7 - 3/20

Our computer that I always do these blog posts from broke and our Internet is temperamental on our downstairs computer which is why I didn't get last weeks blog up. Here are both of them!

3/20/10- Today Ian and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. He surprised me with these beautiful flowers. I love my husband so much!

3/19/10- I finally got Keegan's room decorated...he loves it!
3/18/10- I did touch-up painting in the boy's bedroom's today.

3/17/10- Our new family member Dublin (we got him on St. Patrick's Day and decided to give him an Irish name). He is the sweetest dog he just wants to play and give us all love!

3/16/10- This is how are shoe's are suppose to be by the front door, I think it will be fun to look back at this and see how little the kiddos feet were!

3/15/10- My daily vice it's what I need to get me going in the morning!

3/14/10- Keegan decided to cut his own hair with finger-nail clippers.

3/13/10- Spring ahead!

3/12/10- Our first decent rainfall of 2010, at least it isn't snow!

3/11/10- Keegan picking out some books at Borders, we went there for story time but it turns out we had the wrong day.

3/10/10- Aslan loves to stick her paws through the door to see who she can get to play with her!

3/9/10- Keegan fell asleep on the couch.

3/8/10- My Personal Oasis, this is with out a doubt my favorite place in our house. Oh how I love to take a nice big bubble bath!

3/7/10- Triston was enjoying the nice weather by playing with some of his friends!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week Ten 2/28 - 3/6

3/6/10- Today I had my Scentsy launch party. I think overall it went pretty well.
3/5/10- I caught Bear playing with LEGO's today, he was pushing the car with his paws.
3/4/10- Triston got in trouble for not listening at school and at home so he had to write "I will listen at home and school" 20 times.
3/3/10- It was time to get Keegan (aka Elvis) a haircut. This is his before and after shot. He looks so different.
3/2/10- Triston got a 4 (it's like getting an A+) on his test today. We are very proud of him!
3/1/10- The moon was beautiful tonight.
2/28/10- Triston made this pattern by filling in the dots on his Magna-doodle...pretty creative I think!
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week Nine 2/21/10- 2/27/10

2/27/10- We watched our friends dog Rainken Friday night and Saturday. He is a great dog and our kids love having him here to play with!
2/26/10- Keegan found the Q-tips I was using to make my molds and decided he wanted to be a silly kiddo with them in his ears. I made him take them out after I took the picture but it was still cute!
2/25/10- Triston made this "House" for his apple at school today. Such a creative little guy, he actually had an apple inside it!
2/24/10- I spent most of the evening making scent cards to send out to people who live out of town. They will be able to smell all 80 scents.
2/23/10- Keegan got in the wagon and pushed himself through the house, he was having so much fun doing this!
2/22/10- This was originally Triston's house (that actually looked like a house) but then the kids decided they were going to make ship's and Keegan kind of took this over and rebuilt it his own way.
2/21/10- This is teamwork at it's best! This is the middle of the snowman that is still 30 ft away. They never made it to the snowman with this part, but them helping each other out was priceless!
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