Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week Twenty-One 5/16 - 5/22

5/22/10- Keegan really loves Bubbles. What kid doesn't though. He was blowing the Bubbles at Bear who had managed to sneak outside!
5/21/10- Dublin got a new bone today. It was really funny watching him try to grab it while it was on the kitchen floor. Tile floors and dog paws don't mix!
5/20/10- Today is my Birthday. It was a pretty fun day. We went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's and then came home and had the cake Ian made for me. (I forgot to take a picture of the cake until after we cut into it) The boys got me flowers and Triston made me a balloon at school.
2/19/10- My husband baking me a birthday cake for tomorrow. I even got to lick the beaters!
5/18/10- We haven't seen this racetrack in awhile. When I organized the basement, I found all the pieces to it. Keegan decided he wanted to play with it today. His car (Lightning McQueen) is winning!
5/17/10- M&M's oh how I love thee! (Note the little orange m&m on here with his hands up, love it!!)
5/16/10- Dublin has been doing really well with stay. After all he stayed away from his treat long enough for me to get a picture, and those are his favorite treats!

Have a good week!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weeks Nineteen & Twenty 5/2-5/15

5/15/10- Triston is finally interested in learning to ride his bike without training wheels. Daddy is a very good teacher and after only a few minutes Triston was going by himself. By the end of the day he was going about 40 feet before he would crash! We are still fine tuning that part!
Keegan riding his new bike. We had a lot of fun on Saturday.
5/14/10- Keegan got a new bike and helmet today. He was so excited that he rode through Toy's r Us!

5/13/10- We have to buy a new washing machine because ours is deciding it doesn't want to wash clothes anymore. I have been doing my research but we still aren't 100% sure what we are going to get.
5/12/10- Ian has brought me daisies in a different color everyday this week. He is such a great husband!
5/11/10- Our basement needed to get cleaned up BAD! It is so nice and clean now that I don't want the kids playing down there.
5/10/10- Ian & I watched Fireproof tonight. What a great movie! Such an amazing way to reconnect with your spouse!
5/9/10- This is what my boy's did for me on Mother's day. As you can see I like chocolate although this is not my typical breakfast.
5/8/10- I was upstairs getting the "pool-tub" ready for Keegan. Ian went to take Dublin for a walk and as soon as I got Keegan in the tub Triston came running upstairs saying the dishwasher was leaking. I told Triston to keep an eye on his brother while I went and checked it out. After I got done soaking up the mess (we have really clean floors now) I went upstairs to find Keegan in the tub with several of his stuffed animals. Some of them were the ones from Build-a-bear and have the little sound boxes in them. My children are so lucky to be alive. We are now minus a few stuffed animals though!
5/7/10- I see this every morning, the kids getting EVERY. LAST. DROP.
5/6/10- The only plants that I can keep alive are Bamboo and a Cactus. How sad is that?
5/5/10- It's so much fun going through a car-wash isn't it? The kids love going through and hearing all the sounds, seeing all the soap and water and not getting wet. And if I'm being honest so do I! We were going to do this over spring break but had to make some changes to our plans so we went today.
5/4/10- On our way to story time today Keegan and I almost ran over this turtle, so I pulled over got Keegan out and we saved it. We watched to make sure it was going to go down the hill to the stream.
5/3/10- I love having a dishwasher. It makes doing dishes so much easier.
5/2/10- We were a little late in watching this movie mainly because we weren't really interested in watching it. What!?! Well we watched it tonight and it is absolutely AMAZING! Probably the best movie either of us has seen. Ever!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Week Eighteen 4/25 - 5/1

5/1/10- The part of the military that nobody likes is when friends have to move. This was the boy's playing together before one of their best friends moves to another state.
4/30/10- Yep it's that time again, and I had to wait at the DMV for a very long time.
4/29/10- I got a kick out of watching my kitties trying to get the birds outside. I love how their heads move at the same time whenever the birds fly.
4/28/10- Triston has to read for 30 minutes everyday. His current read is "How to Train Your Dragon."
4/27/10- We all went out to eat tonight and I made Ian take a picture of me with our boy's. It's nice to be on this side of the camera for once!
4/26/10- Keegan finally has a pre-school next year. We are so excited, it's really hard to find the right one.

4/25/10- Keegan was sick today and I had to go to work. When I would call to check on him he would cry and tell me he wanted me to come home!