Monday, April 4, 2011

3/27/11 - 4/2/11

It's been a crazy, fun week. Tonight (4-4-11) Keegan found our cat, Aslan. She had been gone for 17 days and, aside from being really skinny, she seems to be okay. This is of course a PL picture that will be on here next week. Now onto this weeks pictures...

4/2/11- The boy's playing together. The older ones got ALL of Dastan's toys and were trying to get him to play with them. At one point he was completely surrounded by his toy's.

4/1/11- For April Fool's Day I froze the kids cereal and then put a little bit on top so when they went to eat it, they couldn't get their spoon's in all the way. It took them awhile to figure it out. 3/31/11- I took Keegan to gymnastics open gym today. He had a blast and really wore me out by going all over the gym.
3/31/11- Keegan making a "2 double pizza" for Dastan and I. It was "gurd!"
3/29/11- My little helper doesn't like to do laundry, but then again, neither do I.
3/28/11- I signed Keegan up for Kindergarten today. How can he already be in Kindergarten?!?!
3/27/11- We got Dastan a snugli, so I can do some things around the house. Guess what. He doesn't like it...go figure.

Have a great week!

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  1. Hello again. I'm so happy for you and the kids that you found your cat. What a relief for all of you to know he's safe and sound now. I think all us moms are shocked when signing up for KDG, the time does go by too fast. I love the April Fool's trick you played on them, how cool. The outfit he's wearing in the laundry basket is adorable even if he's crying. So glad you are all doing good and adjusting to the new one in the family. Have another good week.