Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/5/11 - 6/18/11

6/18/11- Our friends moved away today. It's always hard when that happens but at least it is easy to keep in touch.

6/17/11- Today was Triston's last day of 3rd grade. He did his hair himself although at first it was spikes AND a mohawk.

6/16/11- I really love that my kids like bugs (since I don't at all). Triston picked up this praying mantis and thought it was pretty cool.

6/15/11 - Poor Keegan is such a klutz. He has a hard time healing because just as one starts to heal, he gets another one in the same spot.

6/14/11- Dastan tried potatoes and carrots today. He didn't really seem to like either.

6/13/11 - Trison had an award ceremony at school today. He received the language arts award. So proud of him.

6/12/11- Triston decided he wanted to rearrange his room today. I like how it turned out.

6/11/11 - Playing in the rain.

6/10/11 - Dastan's first encounter with a turtle. He seemed more interested in his foot then the turtle though.

6/9/11 - Another owie for Keegan. We need to buy stock in band-aids.

6/8/11 - Dastan's first time in the pool, and he liked it after the initial shock of the cold water. Keegan had a lot of fun swimming as well. He is really beginning to like the water.

6/7/11 - Bear is so fat that his head takes up the whole bowl.

6/6/11 - Keegan didn't feel well this morning. After a few hours of lying on the couch watching cartoons though, he was all better.

6/5/11- Dastan LOVES to kick and splash in the tub. He has to have a bath every night or he won't go to sleep.

Hope you have a great week.

P.S. I look at most of the regular Project Life blogs every week but for some reason it won't let me comment anymore. I try to every week, hopefully this week it will let me. I have really enjoyed looking at your pictures each week though.

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  1. So many exciting photos this week. Love your son's hair for last day of school. I just read another blog where her son did this to his knee also. WOW your little guy's knee looks painful. My daughter did this to her knee about 5 years ago and it left a big puffy scar thing on it. She just asked me to call the doctor and see if they can remove it. Now that it's summer and she's older and cares about everyone asking about it or wanting to touch it. Hope your little guy's heals nicely. Thanks for letting us know your comments aren't working, this has happened to me and several others I know. Good luck.