Monday, February 22, 2010

Week Eight 2/14- 2/20

2/20/10- I wasn't feeling well on Saturday and we were supposed to go over to a friends house so Ian took the boys with him for the evening. I was bored out of my mind! I know that sounds crazy right? I thought I would be able to watch something on TV but there was nothing on!!! So I turned to my netflix movies and they were a nice way to relax!
2/19/10-I organized my craft corner today. It feels so nice to have everything all neatly put into place. The bookshelf is new from IKEA. We also got a new coffee table from there. I LOVE IKEA!!!
2/18/10- Since school was out for a couple weeks the kids had to do Valentine's late. Triston is putting his together (on our new coffee table). He drew a picture of Sponge-Bob and I printed a bunch of them off and he put them on candy heart boxes.
2/17/10- Triston FINALLY has school again!!! This was the second (yes I said 2nd) day in February that he went to school. Even though it was a 2 hour delay I was still super excited. I was afraid that if they missed any more school they wouldn't have a summer!
2/17/10- I'm the handy one in our house. I like putting things together and fixing things. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. In this picture I am putting together one of our new bookshelves!
2/15/10- Becky Higgins challenged us to pick a word to describe how we were feeling today and then take a picture of it. I had two words that contradicted each other. Unmotivated Determination! I was so unmotivated to get laundry done but also determined to do it!

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  1. I like your new bookshelf & table. I cleaned up my stuff this week too. I can't believe you had that many snow days. I am so ready for spring to get here. I am not good with tools nor is my husband, so good for you stepping right up to do it in your house.Have another good week.

  2. i love ikea too! i live about 3 minutes from one and i have to be careful i don't go too often!

  3. I showed my son your comment about his tower and he said thank you and that he would like to borrow your sons for a weekend to play with him. He's so cute and funny.

  4. Our closest Ikea is in Chicago! 2 hours away.

    Enjoyed your pictures!

    Have a great week!