Monday, February 8, 2010

Week Six 1/31-2/6

2/6/10-I have two pictures for today the one with the boys at the window is going in my journaling spot for the day. The other one needs no journaling as it is just A TON of snow!
This pic (below) was taken at 1:30; it didn't stop snowing until around 9. We ended up having 30+ inches and we are expecting more on Tuesday!
2/5/10-I joined Scentsy earlier this week. I was afraid that I wouldn't get my kit until Monday or later because of the snow we were going to get but it surprisingly came late in the afternoon on Friday....I was so excited!!
2/4/10-I got creative with Keegan's hair after bath time...he didn't like it! He wanted "to look like Keegan!"
2/3/10-If I sleep next to the nerf gun then they can't shoot me with it, problem solved!
2/2/10-I took Triston to wal-mart to pick out his Valentine's...we are going to do something a little more creative though.
2/1/10-Triston stuck in the "taco"....this is what happens when they won't just sit in the chair!
1/31/10-We had a pretty sick Keegan today. He just wanted "to rest" so we brought his mattress downstairs so he could watch movies too.
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  1. Fabulous photos this week. Wow, love the snow photo, how awesome!

  2. living in texas, we never see snow like that! i think it's just beautiful!! don't know what scentsy is--will have to google it.