Monday, March 8, 2010

Week Ten 2/28 - 3/6

3/6/10- Today I had my Scentsy launch party. I think overall it went pretty well.
3/5/10- I caught Bear playing with LEGO's today, he was pushing the car with his paws.
3/4/10- Triston got in trouble for not listening at school and at home so he had to write "I will listen at home and school" 20 times.
3/3/10- It was time to get Keegan (aka Elvis) a haircut. This is his before and after shot. He looks so different.
3/2/10- Triston got a 4 (it's like getting an A+) on his test today. We are very proud of him!
3/1/10- The moon was beautiful tonight.
2/28/10- Triston made this pattern by filling in the dots on his Magna-doodle...pretty creative I think!
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  1. Love your photos this week. Your kitty is adorable, and love the before and after photo!

  2. Hello, I really enjoyed your pictures. I can't believe Keegan's haircut what a difference. When Sam gets his haircut it's always a shock to see a new face again. Sam will love that last picture, he use to have one of those. I'm glad your party went well. I use to be a Creative Memories consultant so I know it's exciting and nervous having that first party. Have a good week.

  3. Neat pictures! Loved your son's haircut!

    And your cat is BEAUTIFUL!!


  4. He looks so handsome! :)

    Cool pictures!!!

  5. I really like this blog! I look at these pictures of Keegan and think, "Hello, Ian!" Although there is a good bit of you mixed in, which makes him way cuter! ;) And Triston looks so smart in his glasses. What little men you have!

  6. I love your pictures. I need to figure out how to put two pictures together like your before and after. That is really cool. I am always so happy when haircuts are over.
    Have a great week.

  7. Wow, little Keegan looks like a completely different boy with the haircut! That moon picture is awesome. Oh yeah...I love Scentsy room sprays!

  8. Wow your son looks so different after the haircut. I just learned about scentsy last week from a friend who was having a party. I ordered the gardenia scent and the orange medium warmer.

  9. Thanks for tip about Picasa. I am going to download it this weekend. I tried a trial of Photoshop, but just didn't get the hang out of it before it expired.

  10. Love the variety of shots you take - so great to see so many different aspects of your life in a week. Good luck with your business launch!