Monday, March 29, 2010

Week Thirteen 3/21-3/27

3/27/10- I love my husband so much! I wasn't feeling well today so Ian drew me up a VERY relaxing rose petal bath. Just what I needed!
3/26/10- Triston was on "green" all week this week so he got a surprise. He had to call Mimi to tell her.
3/25/10- My boy's out for a walk in the nice spring weather!
3/24/10- Koda watching Ian fix Dublin's stuffed dog.
3/23/10- Triston got the flu, he was up most of the night and stayed home from school on Wednesday.
3/22/10- This is what happens when your new dog gets a hold of your power cord for your netbook. 3/21/10-Dublin decided that he was going to help out around the house, his chore was sweeping!

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  1. What a great husband you have, love the picture of bubbles and petals. Good job Triston staying in the green, Sam has that at school also. Sam also has that shirt it's my favorite. Your dog is so funny in the last picture but not so funny with the cord one. They are just like a toddler, you have to put everything up where they can't reach it. Glad you got some warm weather also. Have a good week.Hope Triston feels better!!!

  2. If my husband ever prepared me a rose petal bath, I would have to check him for a concussion. What a blessing you have there!

    Love your dog with the dustpan! So cute!!

  3. After he masters sweeping see if you can get him to clean up the yard after himself.

  4. A dusting dog! Can I get one of those? Adorable.