Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week Twenty- Four 6/6 - 6/12

6/12/10- We went to the Toy Story 3 party today. The boys had a lot of fun! They really liked getting their faces painted!
This is what Keegan did to keep himself busy during field day. He was such a good boy considering he had to watch everyone else have fun.
6/11/10- Today was field day at Triston's school. Here he is doing the obstacle course. He had a lot of fun!
6/10/10- Keegan and I went to the Playroom today. We met up with our friends from Monday and had a blast. We also met a few new friends. In this picture Keegan is playing with Maddi, his new girlfriend. It took him awhile to figure out that he had to hold onto the white thing instead of sending it down to the other side!
6/9/10- Triston was the "Star of the Week" this week. He got to tell his class about the pictures he brought in to share.
6/8/10- The boy's were playing Sorry Sliders today after Triston got home from school. It was so fun hearing them laughing together!
6/7/10- We met some new friends at the park today. Keegan had so much fun playing at the park and I had a nice time visiting with Kristie!
6/6/10- This is what helps me get through my work day. It also helps me stay warm since it is freezing where I work.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!


  1. This was a busy fun week for you guys. Cool face paintings they did a great job on them. I love the photo of keegan and his shirt, so funny what they will do to amuse themselves. sam always loved seeing his sisters at field day also. That's a great action shot of Triston doing the obstacle course. I thought about buying the new sorry game but didn't know if it's worth it as we do have the orginal one already. Great job on being start student Triston, I know all kids love this at school. I love that slide we have one too, I always have the 3 kids sit and slide down at the same time, easier getting them all at once then three different ones each time. Have a great week thanks for sharing!!

  2. I can't wait for Toy Story 3!! My son is so excited. He lights up like a Christmas tree every time a preview comes on.

  3. I've never played Sorry Sliders. I wonder if my kiddo would enjoy it. And even though my son's 10 he wants to go see Toy Story 3. :)