Monday, May 23, 2011

5/8/11 - 5/21/11

5/21/11- My little man is 3 months old today. He is growing up so fast and we are enjoying every minute of it. SN: According to a group of people, the world was suppose to end today. It didn't.

5/20/11- Keegan graduated from preschool today. It was very hard for me to get a picture of him smiling because his smile was broken.

5/19/11- Triston started his SOL testing today. SOL stands for Standard Of Learning. I know he will do great, but he was pretty nervous.

5/18/11- These are my wedding rings. The small one I wear on my right hand as my engagement ring, and the bigger one is my wedding ring on my left hand.

5/17/11- Angry Birds. We all like playing this game and it is VERY addictive.

5/16/11- We have a new neighbor. I have seen this little guy on our porch several times and was finally able to snap a picture before he took off.

5/15/11- I am part of a mommy group on facebook. There are 81 of us, and we are all over the country. Our babies were all due in March 2011. Today I was able to meet one of my fellow mommies, Nancy. Our little guy's are only 4 hours and 5 min apart even though they were born on different days.

5/14/11- Dastan grabbed the rattle on his bouncy seat and then fell asleep while holding it.

5/13/11- He loves his frog.

5/12/11- Keegan woke up this morning with this on his face. I took him to the Dr right away and found out it is poison ivy. He is on benedryl and steroids. He pronounces it poison I.V. and apparently got it from a rock.

5/11/11- Daddy & son cuddle time.

5/10/11- I made a list of things that need to be done around the house and was able to get 8 of them done today.

5/9/11- Dastan loves looking at, smiling at, and talking to his octopus on his play mat.

5/8/11- So grateful for medicine to help us feel better.

Have a great week!!

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  1. I'm so happy you made some new mom friends and to have one close by. We all need that friendship to help us thru this tough but blessing job as a mom. I can't believe he's 3months and so big. I love the picture of him sleeping while holding onto the rattle and the one of him on his frog, how funny. Too bad about the poison ivy, hope he's doing better. Great job on getting a lot done on your list. Your doing great at keeping up on your PL, love coming here and seeing your photos. Have a good week.

  2. Some great pictures this week!! :) Your 3 mo. son is adorable - I love the number on the belly!

    Also really love the frog and to do list - such real life :) Hopefully the kids in your house are feeling better now!! Have a great week.

    Feel free to stop by my blog, I'd love to have you! :)

  3. Hi there, Came across your blog via Project Life Tuesday!
    You have a beautiful family! :-)

  4. Great shots. These pictures we so nice. Hope your son is feeling better...