Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/10/11 - 7/23/11

7/23/11- It has been really hot for the past couple of weeks so we have been doing a lot of indoor activities. Today the kids were working on these art projects. They both made things out of model magic clay and put them on the paper to give them a 3D effect. Pretty creative!!

7/22/11- It is HOT. We had a heat index of over 120* today. This was the temp (and heat index at 4). Some people were actually trying to cook on the sidewalk. We stayed nice and cool inside.

7/21/11- Dastan is 5 months old today. He can sit up for about 30 seconds or so at a time. I had to be quick to get this picture.

7/20/11- The boy's playing "Lego Pirates of the Caribbean" to keep from getting too bored.

7/19/11- I love Dastan's dark hair. He is the black sheep of my kids.

7/18/11- The boys each made a New York City. They put on a "program" with an invitation and everything. It was so cute.

7/17/11- We had a water balloon fight today, but daddy had some fun getting the boy's wet with the hose.

7/16/11- Dastan loves to stick out his tongue. He has it out all the time.

7/15/11- I guess Dastan was trying to put his bib on by himself. I think he needs some practice.

7/14/11- After an extremely long battle with USCIS (INS), Ian finally became a US citizen today. It's sad that it took a news stroy to make this happen after he served in the US military for eight years.

7/13/11- Ian has a very unique story about being adopted and not being a citizen. Today they did a news story about him.

7/12/11- I decided to do a photo-shoot of my little guy today. Both his big brothers helped. Triston held the light reflector and Keegan was making him laugh while he stood behind me. I love this shot of him sucking on his hand, he does it all the time!

7/11/11- It was POURING outside tonight and Ian and our neighbor were out in the rain talking. They were there until lightening struck a little to close for comfort.

7/10/11- Supper time. "Don't worry mommy, I've got this!"

Have a great week!

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  1. it's so nice to see your comments on my blog now, thanks for making the time to check it out. i always love coming here and seeing what's new in your life and it always makes me smile and laugh, and happy. sorry your going thru such a heat wave, just like we just had and it's still not totally cool enough for me. thanks for the encouraging words on the bad days we have and the kids acting up and that it does happen to others, I seriously feel like it's only in my house.
    the pictures are adorable as always and i love seeing the baby pictures, just too cute. congrats to Ian what a story that is, maybe one day you can make a small album for him on it.
    wait till you see what we did at my house today, that will give you and the boys something to do for fun and I will try to send you some new craft blogs i look at if you want to help out. stay cool and sorry this is soooo long. I feel happy already.
    check my blog in the morning to see.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    So glad you liked the idea, if I had more time and planned it better maybe I would have added more crafts/games but this was just enough for us. I don't have facebook but I have an email that I use everyday if that works for you. It's at
    let me know if this is ok or not otherwise maybe just our blogging more often with comments would be fine. Thanks so much again.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    it's been a few weeks since you posted. Hope all is well and your just busy having fun and enjoying your boys. miss seeing your pictures hope you post soon. take care. dawn