Saturday, September 10, 2011

7/24/11 - 7/30/11

7/30/11- Dastan seems to think he can suck on his plug backwards. He tries for a bit and then gets frustrated when it doesn't work.

7/29/11- Triston and Keegan doing their summer homework. Keegan usually asks if he can do his homework, and Triston usually complains when I tell him to do his.

7/28/11- I was trying to get a shot of the boys’ feet but some little man wasn’t cooperating. Dastan kept putting his feet on top of his brothers just as I was about to take the picture. I think I need to wait for Ian to help me on this one.

7/27/11- Dastan playing peek-a-boo with his burp rag. He really likes to cover his face up with a cloth, wait for you to say “Where’s Dastan?” and then when you pull it off, he giggles.

7/26/11- I think Dastan might be teething, he is always putting these rings in his mouth and gumming on them. They are one of his favorite things to grab a hold of and play with.

7/25/11- Dastan’s finished taggie blanket, its super soft. He loves it. So far he likes to grab onto the tags and put them in his mouth.

7/24/11- I am making a taggie blanket for Dastan. It took me FOREVER to get the sewing machine to work (I couldn’t get the bobbin in right). Ian had the magic touch though, and was able to get it to work.
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  1. Hello stranger, I was beginning to wonder what happened and was going to leave a comment to see what was up. So glad everyone is doing and it was just the dang computer. So sorry to hear it crashed on you.
    I will come back to look better and read your blog just wanted to say HELLO HELLO real quick.