Saturday, September 10, 2011

7/31/11 - 8/13/11

8/13/11- I re-arranged Keegan’s room today. He really likes how different it is. Aslan wasn't so sure about it though, she kept walking around and meowing.

8/12/11- Dastan sleeps in so many different positions, at least this one looks comfy.

8/11/11- Aslan sitting atop her throne ruling over everyone else.

8/10/11- Keegan made a mask for himself today. Our kids are so creative.

8/9/11- Dastan’s hair is finally long enough for a Mohawk. He looks so cute!

8/8/11- I took Triston and Keegan shoe shopping today and it was horrible. They were not listening at all so we left the store without any new shoes. I will be ordering them online, instead.

8/7/11- Keegan went shopping with me today and he decided he wanted to push the cart. By the end of the day “his feet were tired.”

8/6/11- Dastan watching his toy make music in his jump-a-roo.

8/5/11- I am going through all of Triston and Keegan’s artwork and taking pictures of it. This is Triston’s from pre-school to second grade.

8/4/11- Dastan playing peek-a-boo with his taggie blanket.

8/3/11- This is how much formula Dastan goes through in a month.

8/2/11- Teen nick is bringing back some favorite shows from the 90’s. How cool is it that our kids get to watch some of our favorite shows when we were younger.

8/1/11- I am lovin Dastan’s bald spot.

7/31/11- I saw on an etsy site that someone makes these “i love you because” signs and puts them in a glass picture frame. Once they are in the frame you can use a dry erase pen to write little notes to your kids. Well I loved this idea and since we are trying to save money I decided to make them myself. It took a bit of work to get them just right, and I still need to get the frames, but I love how they turned out. I made two for each of the boys one to be put in their room, and then the other ones I will hang on a wall in the family room so that they will always be able to see them. I plan on keeping a pen close by each frame so we can change the notes often. I used the older kids favorite colors for theirs (brown for Triston and green for Keegan) and I used my new favorite color (turquoise) for Dastan.
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