Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week One 12/27/09 - 1/2/10

1/2/10: One the things Triston really wanted for his birthday was Sponge-Bob Operation. He was so excited when he got it and we play it often as a family. Keegan is only happy if he is winning though!

1/1/10: Every year we watch my favorite parade, "The Tournament of Roses." This year was no exception. My favorite float as well as the kids was the snow boarding bulldog's, They were having so much fun.

12/31/09: A "Blue Moon" on New Year's Eve. The last time this happened on this particular day was nineteen years ago in 1990!

12/30/09: One of the best cheap ($1) toy's ever s Flarp. It comes in six colors and we have them all. It makes sounds when you push your finger's in it, which of course my boy's love. They play with it for hours at a time. It really is one of the best toy's out there!

12/29/09: Triston got the 3 in 1 LEGO Dinosaur kit for Christmas 09. It is super cool, the eye's light up and it's tail moves. We are putting together the T-Rex.

12/28/09: Keegan drew a snowman and I wrote his name and age by it. After watching me do this he decided to write it himself. I then had him read what he had wrote down and he said

12/27/09: This is a few of my facebook statuses from 2009. I love how I get to look back at little snippets of our life last year.


  1. i love your pictures it really shows how this project is everyday life and I love it!

  2. I like the variety of your pictures also. I love the names of your boys and your pets. Thanks for sharing.