Monday, April 5, 2010

Week Fourteen 3/28 - 4/3

4/3/10- Getting gas is one of those things we all do and oh how the price's have gone up. I remember being able to fill my tank for $10 now it's more like $30!
4/2/10- We had fun playing outside today. Yay for Spring!
4/1/10- Triston had S.M.A.R.T night at school tonight. This was his classes science experiment, they had to guess what was in the jars and Triston's team got most of them right. They also had Jeopardy which I am proud to say Triston won!
3/31/10- I am catching up on my journaling for Project Life. It's really easy since I have this blog.
3/30/10- Keegan counting his "money" he said he had $10,000, I wish!
3/29/10- Beautiful storm clouds. I miss Nebraska storms so much.
3/28/10- Ian's daily reminder from my mom to remember his wallet and key's. He forget's these A LOT!


  1. Great photos this week. Sounds like fun for Triston at school. We got to go outside this week too. So happy the warm weather is here. I worked on my PL this weekend also, caught up till Easter, yeaaah!! Have a great week.

  2. Great photos!! $30 to fill your tank!!! It costs me over R400.00 to fill mine. I drive an X-Trail, so it's not even that big of a car. The prices of things here in South Africa are ridiculous!

  3. Fun pictures. When my neice tells me she has $10,000 I tell her that she has to buy me ice cream. She tells me it's fake money and it's not real so then we go and get some ice cream and I end up paying.

  4. You have some really great pictures this week (and I also sneaked a peek at your last couple weeks as well!). :) Congratulations on the new puppy! We have a beagle, so fun! I got caught up this last week on my PL journaling as well, and I agree: so much easier when I've already written about it on my blog! Looking forward to seeing next week's photos!