Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1/30/11 - 2/12/11

For those of you that follow my blog on a weekly basis, I wasn't able to post last week because I was in the hospital. I went into the hospital on the 3rd with strong regular contractions. At that point in time I was 33 weeks 5 days along, which was too early. I was in active labor and so they gave me strong meds to try and get things to stop so they could give me steroids to help little man's lungs develop. The goal was to keep me pregnant for at least 24 hours. Well I guess the meds worked really well because it's been almost 2 weeks and he hasn't come yet. Both of my other boys had been born at this point in time, so this is all new to me. I was on bed rest for quite awhile but the Dr's have given the go ahead that he can come whenever he decides to come!

2/12/11 - I have never been this pregnant before so I wanted to make sure and get some pictures of my ever growing belly!

2/11/11 - Keegan and Grandma making cinnamon rolls to go with the chili that Daddy is making. Side note, I'm no longer on bed rest, yay!!

2/10/11 - Bear decided he wanted to help make lunch today.

2/9/11 - I got to go home today, I am on couch rest for now but at least I get to get out of the hospital. The boys are having a great time playing with Grandma, and I am having a great time watching!

2/8/11 - This picture was taken on the 2nd of this month but since I am still stuck in the hospital, I wanted to see some blue sky! My mother-in-law flew in to help take care of the boy's and that has really helped take the worry away.
2/7/11 - My feet are so swollen, and I am so bored. At least I know that everyday I am still here, he is able to get stronger.
2/6/11 - Still in the hospital and going a little stir crazy. The boy's came to visit me tonight and the nurses had fun making them doctors. They sure are cute but I think I'll stick with the doctors that have gone to school!
2/5/11 - I am still in the hospital and the steroids have had a chance to do there job. I have been hooked up to the fetal heart monitor since I got here. Little man's heart rate looks great!
2/4/11 - Last night I started having strong regular contractions, and it turns out I was in labor. Since 33 weeks is to early they gave me meds to stop things. They also gave me steroids so that his lungs would develop. It was a very long night.
2/3/11 - I decided I wanted to have a belly mold made with this pregnancy since it's our last one. Ian did a great job and I love how it turned out. This is him getting things ready...it's a VERY messy project!
2/2/11 - This is one of my favorite belly shots. I am 33 weeks 4 days in this picture.
2/1/11 - We are making the boy's Valentine's early in case I go into labor around Valentine's day. I love how when Keegan colors he gets his tongue and mouth involved.
1/31/11 - One of my friends picked Keegan up from school today and they stopped by Dunkin Donuts and got a donut for Keegan and Triston. It was nice of Keegan to think of his older brother, although I don't think it was his idea.
1/30/11 - Keegan was trying to do push-ups but he wasn't doing them quite right so Daddy helped show him how it's done.

Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. I kept wondering and checking your blog thinking you had the baby and were too busy to post pictures. I'm so glad your fine and the baby is doing good. Love love your belly shot and the ribbon is too cute. I would be bored on bed rest too. So nice to have grandma there to help you. Cute boy with his tongue out, my niece does that. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope he comes soon and that everything goes well for both of you. Can't wait to see pictures of him when he comes, good luck.

  2. Wow, these were great shots. I love the one of your tummy.

    And the CAT...oh my, I've never seen a cat this big before!!!

  3. Sounds like you have had quite the busy week or so. The belly pictures are great, I love the ribbon idea! Best wishes on your upcoming delivery.

  4. Great pictures! Best of luck with the delivery. I hope all goes well and that little babe stays snug until it's time. :)