Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1/23/11 - 1/29/11

1/29/11 - Ian took the boys to a very fun birthday party today. I wasn't able to go because I had been having contractions all night and I needed to rest. The party was a princess party (for three girls) but they did some very cool stuff for the boys too! My little "pirates" got knighted and I think the face painting was pretty awesome!
1/28/11 - These pictures were taken in the middle of the month but I still wanted to put them in here. I was not feeling well today so I just decided to use this as my POTD!
1/27/11 - With all the snow we got (about 3 inches) the boy's school of course got canceled. We went out in the afternoon and made a snowman together. Since I am very pregnant we didn't roll the snow to make the base we just kept piling it up. Keegan was off on the other side of the yard, and when I looked over at him he had the middle all done (about 6 feet from the base and on the ground). He was pushing it with all his might toward us. We went over and helped him and the three of us were able to get it on the base. I think we made a pretty cute snowman!!
1/26/11 - We finally got some snow! I took this picture out our back door at about 9:30 at night and I think it's one of my favorites!!
1/25/11 - Triston got the Disney edition of Apples to Apples for his birthday. We played it tonight for family game night and Keegan (who didn't know what he was doing) won. We weren't even trying to let him win. Notice how Keegan is holding his cards.
1/24/11 - Keegan was so tired he didn't quite make it to his bed. At least he was able to get covered up.
1/23/11- Triston lost another tooth. He looks so cute with his toothless grin!

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  1. What a cute baby belly! I LOVE the photos! Thanks for sharing YOUR life!

  2. what an adorable baby bump you have! Happy Project Life Tuesday, love the boys face painting. so cute.

  3. Love your baby belly pictures. That snow picture is cool, love having snow pictures but so tired of this snow and cold. Your snowman came out so cute. Have a good week.