Monday, February 28, 2011

2/13/11 - 2/26/11

It has been a whirlwind of a month! I couldn't post last week because I was in the hospital enjoying my brand new baby boy. We have been so blessed that he was born healthy and was able to stay in the room with us. It was such a different experience then with my other boys, who by the way love being big brothers.
2/26/11- Early on in my pregnancy I had an idea of some pictures I wanted to take once the little one was born. I knew I wanted to get them when he was just a few days old, and with the help of my mom and Ian I was able to get some great shots! Project Life has really helped to improve my photography skills.
2/25/11 - Keegan had Cowboy day today at school. We found out yesterday and we don't have any cowboy stuff. Thankfully we were able to borrow this from my friend Anna so Keegan could dress up.
2/24/11 - My mom and I making a car seat cover for the little one. We are going to make receiving blankets and burp cloths as well!
2/23/11 - We are going home today!!
2/22/11 - My three boys together for the first time. I love them so much and I couldn't imagine my life without them!!
2/21/11 - Today at 8:01 pm Dastan Alexander came into the world. He weighs 5lbs. 11oz. and is 19 inches long!! I had a very smooth labor and I was able to deliver him myself, which is something I will never forget. My mom got to be here for his birth, so she has seen all three of my boys take their first breath! We are so excited that he is finally with us and most importantly he is healthy.
2/20/11 - My mom and I went shopping today and since she drove out here her car was pretty dirty so we went to the car wash.
2/19/11 - We went out shopping today and it was so windy and dry that there were brush fires. We drove through the smoke of this one before they decided to close the interstate. It was crazy and my boys were pretty scared.
2/18/11 - Mimi's here!!!
2/17/11 - My friend Anna and I went for a walk to the park which is kind of far from our house. Keegan of course had to go potty while we were there so I told to to go behind a tree. Notice he isn't standing behind the tree but in perfect view of the drivers on the street. Gotta love little boy's!
2/16/11 - Keegan and Grandma playing soccer on one of the beautiful days we have been having.
2/15/11 - Triston reads for 20 minutes every night. He is really getting good at it and for the most part he enjoys it.
2/14/11 - Keegan had some time before school and wanted to play outside. We told him he couldn't get dirty, so he decided to play with his tractor while sitting like this.
2/13/11 - My handsome boys ready for church.

Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. Congratulations on your new little boy. He is adorable and I love their big/little brother shirts. How fun to have three boys, you will never be bored or lack for picture ideas. So glad all went well for you and baby. I was lucky to have my last one stay in the room with me also. I love the rest of your photos too, the blanket will be great, love the "behind" the tree shot, too funny. Have a wonderful week with your new little family.

  2. Congrats on that beautiful baby boy!! Love the picture you took, how neat!

    Hope you are feeling well.

    I'm the mom of 5 sons. I remember these days♥

  3. great pictures, and congrats on your little one, he's precious!