Monday, March 7, 2011

Two weeks old

Dastan you are 2 weeks old today and in honor of that I am going to share some things I have learned in your first two weeks of life.

1) You are a very content and happy baby. You only cry when you need something or when you are getting your diaper changed.

2) No matter who is holding you, you turn your head to try and find me when I start to talk. I love that!

3) You eat every three hours like clockwork.

4) You are our little Houdini. You like to escape out of your blankets when you are swaddled and you escape out of your clothes at night.

5) You like to "Start your motorcycle" as Mimi calls it. You kick your right leg like crazy. Maybe that's how you escape from things.

6) You make lot's of cute noises. You grunt, squeal, squeak, snort, toot and whimper. My favorite is when you whimper, it sounds so pathetic.

7) You grin A LOT. Everyone says that babies don't grin or smile for a couple of months. That might be true, but I can talk to you and get you to grin at me. Daddy can too!

8) You will lay in you swing for awhile and sleep, but you don't like your bouncy seat at all (yet)!
9) You love being in the cocoon's Mimi made for you. You sleep in them during the day and they are so warm and cozy.

10) You love it when I give you a lotion bath, but you scream through regular baths.

11) You actually like tummy time and can already lift your head up and move it from side to side while on your tummy.

12) You get very quiet and just listen when your brothers sing lullabies to you.

13) When we are holding you on the couch, you love to look at the pictures on the wall. I'm pretty sure you can't see them yet, but you are always looking in that direction.

14) You only pee while Daddy is changing your diaper. You have hit him more than a few times.

15) When you sneeze you scare yourself.

16) You are absolutely huggable, kissable, lovable, and snugly. We love you so much and are really enjoying getting to know you.

Happy 2 weeks, Dastan!!


  1. oh my goodness how sweet is this. I love all the little things you know about him already. How great that you have it all written down here to remember. All of you must be adjusting pretty good then for you to have time to notice these things. Are you sleep deprived yet? He is the cutest little thing, love the bunny photo. So happy your enjoying this little guy and thank you for sharing all this with us.

  2. Love it that he knows right away not to pee on Mama, only Daddy! Price barely missed me when the doc held him up after the c-section. After that he only peed on Daddy, too! He is sooo cute, Jess!